The Waiting
(Cedric Raymond/ Chrystel Wautier)

waiting for some guy to make you smile
wait to live your life
wait to live your life

wait to see the world to realise
that your home is fine
your home is just fine

journeying together falling appart was it just a waste of time?
How to save a dying rose when we haven’t been dancing in a while
it’s hard to say goodbye

waiting for some secrets to be told
not to feel alone

waiting in a bed to end your life
t’il the end of time

Into the dust
(Age of Giants/ David Caggiari)

From seizure progress and the end of decline
into the dust descend

the nearest and dearest used concern London sleeps
into the dust passed into the dust

Tears are streaming like a behavior that makes you rush
into the dust to the air and to the dust

to the rescue
monumental loss
I forgave you
but still bare your cross

Listen I have never meant to take what is mine
into the dust all into the dust

freed by my new beginning I’m erased from your mind
into the dust fell into the dust

to the rescue
monumental loss
I forgave you
but still bare your cross

Far Away
(Chrystel Wautier)

Do you wish upon a star?
Is that an angel at your side?
Is it God you call a guide?
a lucky charm

Every one has a faith to claim
but we’re talking all the same
all you need is love my friend

what you seek is far away is far away
i forgive i’m on my way I’m on my way

many words you have to say
about love and how to pray
bout the price we have to pay

when you choose by obligation
And your sail is dragged away
by the leaders of you world

Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference

Nothing is lost in this world
everything changes for better
and when I die rest assured,
i’ll surely live for ever

Le Soleil Donne
(Laurent Voulzy/ Alain Souchon)

Tape sur nos systèmes, l’envie que tout le monde s’aime
Le soleil donne
Ce vieux désir super qu’on s’rait tous un peu frères, le soleil donne
Le soleil donne de l’or intelligent
Le soleil donne la même couleur aux gens
La même couleur aux gens, gentiment

Feel fire in your blood, make believe we’re all in love
In the sundance
You can dream the sweetest games, hold hands around the flames
In the sundance
In the sundance, the gold keeps coming down
In the sundance white’s turning into brown
And rain don’t stay around painting the town

Let’s Fall
(Chrystel Wautier)

Carrying the weight, it makes me sway and it isn’t mine
living again, the same old tale, is it a sign?

if it’s true that time can make you forget
it is time again to make a bet

on love, on life on the other side let’s fall

a new romance, a vow a chance, a brand new start
I understand, it’s the only way to mend a broken heart

If it’s true what they say about love
I can only but give it a try

to sink to tumble to slide to fall

to sink to tumble to slide to fall
diamonds and gold I would give it all

Beauty is a mystery
(Chrystel Wautier)

Dreamers, wanderers,
dare to climb mountains
sailors, dancers
birds flying out of cages

in the wind you fly about
though your wings are full of doubts

Healers, singers,
grace under pressure
optimists romantics
breathe the day they treasure

you are brighter then a sun
an inspiration all along

You are shinier, brighter then a sun
I remember, when you said to me
come on let’s be happy

you’re made of gold, but often broken
but freedom is a chance to hold

Beauty is a mystery
for those who can’t see
behind the opacity
sheltered glory

(Cédric Raymond/ Chrystel Wautier)

Tell me about your life
what does make you smile?
Let’s hear the sound that makes you feel alive

I’ve seen New york in June
The North sea caressing the dunes
Let’s hear the music that makes me feel so sad

tell me about your life
heal my heart feed my soul
I’ll tell you about my fights
help you through with your owns
and the fire will burn away our moan in a winter’s glow

treasure memories
drawing new ideas
the world is ours the moment that we share

feel old, feel cold , a stone
I’m queen, no spleen, I’m gold
the world is ours the moment that we care

I feel cold (but you’re gold)
I feel in stone (but your gold)

On sunday
(Lorenzo Di Maio/ Chrystel Wautier)

I hear the bells are ringing
hearts are praying
sacred sunday
the roots of my raising

time slowing down
I don’t belong anywhere
a million voices are swirling

You can hide
you can lie
The book is read
you are fed
of wine and bread
blue and red
hear my request
On my cheek
Judas kiss
thrills me into guilt

While the moon through a dream its lonely beam is telling me
that I hope sunday finds you well

The Stolen Book
(Cédric Raymond/ Chrystel Wautier)

many stories are lost in a stolen book
memories are lying, hiding in a corner of the time
Who am I?

stories, of old, of roots tearing out of a land
a wave of fear, your legacy weighs a thousand years
do you hear?

slave of silence! know your secrets’s living on
from the past through generations

forget, your life, your name, your misery’s drown in a tear
What to take to leave? in a sigh you’ll miss the most
a flock of sheep

The past at last alights on an empty page
I plead to free the lines that were born from a broken strain
you’re made of trees

slave of silence! know your secrets’s living on
from the past through generations
Slave of sadness know your hysteria gives
stories lying in a stolen book

My Love and I
(David Raskin/ Jhonny Mercer)

The waterfall at even’ tide
The echo calling down the mountain side
So began the soft melody of
a love song

The sighing bows, against the sky
The nightbird singing to his mate near by
they supply the sweet harmony of
a love song

Night gave us the setting
the crescent moon
Now there’s no forgetting
by forest dew

and add to this
two beating hearts
to swell the chorus
as the music starts
we where evergreen memory of
a love song

A Warrior
(Chrystel Wautier)

on the road
towards the light
I’ve find out
I’m a warrior

I’m stepping out
of the circle
shinning as
a warrior

come along
we’ll fight on

because I say
because I pray
I become a warrior

every little part of me has become alive
a wish that never lands like a butterfly
Dropping colors in the sky after crawling on the ground

I remember
that I’ve been wrong
I gamble
on a love song

Because I say
because I pray
I become a warrior